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I was born and raised on the ancestral lands of the Massa-adchu-es-et (Massachusett) Peoples where the Quinobequin (Charles) River meets the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. A place where the transition from forest to shore is slow, gentle, seamless and without a land-sea binary. As a queer person, I seek the opportunities to explore and learn from the space between ecological binaries. As a landscape designer, scientist, and artist, I strive to understand the people, plants, and changes that exist in these queer-in between spaces and how these spaces can be nurtured in the face of climate change.

If not at work, you can usually catch me in the garden, freediving for crabs, foraging for alpine berries, or dancing in my kitchen.


Tel: 617-947-4704

IG @benji_zecher


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