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Field Work Video Documentation

Eco-Cultural Restoration

Research Format

UBC MLA Directed Study


British Columbia, Canada



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Eco-Cultural Restoration is a photo-video investigations based research project guided by Douglas Justice, associate director of the UBC Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to better understand how to protect and learn from Indigenous methods of land stewardship along the British Columbia coastline. Through an interweaving of photography, videography, diagraming, and research, Eco-Cultural Restoration invites the viewer to experience four ecosystems threatened by climate change. The project explores how Indigenous ways of caring for these ecosystems (ways now less common because of colonization) can both protect the ecosystem themselves as well as lessen the effects climate change has on landscape and people.

Speculative Restoration for Ecologically Disturbed Sites in Southwest British Columbia, Canada 

Estuary Restoration.png
Old Growth Pre-Restoration.png
Old Growth Restoration 2.png
Ecosystem Today.png
Final Scene.png
Exposed Coastline - pre restoration2.png
Exposed Coastline Restored 2.png
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