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In my photography, I try to document the connection between people and ecosystems on disputed landscapes around the globe. They are an extension of my pursuit to understand how I can visually dissolve the geo-political binary to appreciate and support the knowledge held by those who understand what it means to adapt. My time in contested spaces is spent being with and learning from the people who understand what it means to live harmoniously with landscape despite geo-political unrest. I am hopeful that these images help guide me to becoming a better caretaker and steward for this earth.   

First Touch

What happens to an eco-cultural epicenter two hundred and fifty years after an attempted eco-cultural erasure?

Earth and Sea forest.jpg

Seeding Change

How can climate adaptive crops help mediate resource conflict in Israel-Palestine?


Satoyama (里山)

What can we learn from traditional Japanese agriculture practices about resilient food-ways?


(Ethno)Botany in the Clouds

How is Globalization and Climate Change effecting Ethnobotanical Traditions in Southwest China?

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