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Nuxalk Gather Cabin


Nuxalk Nation


Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada




Cabin As Tactic and Strategy 

UBC Arch 504

How can cabins around the Nuxalk coastline help facilitate ecological stewardship while providing access to traditional Nuxalk coastal foods? This project explores the potential for cabin development throughout the Nuxalk Territory in what is now Central Coast British Columbia, Canada. The concept of this cabin is based of the conversations between myself, my classmates, and Members of the Nuxalk Nation and Bella Coola Community. The cabin promotes food security by allowing more access to remote parts of the territory so traditional Nuxalk food-ways can be preserved and perpetuated. 

A Virtual Cabin Tour

 Co-Designing the Cabin

Nuxalk Territory Map Poster-01.png

Nuxalk Territory Map

Nuxalk Territory Map Poster-02.png

Visiting the Land and People

Seasonal Cycle For Boards-01.png

Designing For Food Security and the Nuxalk Traditional Harvest 

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